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浪漫优雅系列 > 3' Spectrum Tummy3' 频谱美臀仪
3' Spectrum Tummy3' 频谱美臀仪
3' Spectrum Tummy
3' 频谱美臀仪
Leading the fats at abdomen & thigh to hip, achieving the effect of flat tummy, lifting hip, slimming thigh. Mounted with 3 cosmic energy stones at important points of abdomen, releasing a steady stream of spectrum energy, enhance flow of gas (vital energy) and blood, dredge veins & pulses, warming uterus, nourish the ovaries, ensuring performance in a role of adjuvant therapy for those who suffers irregular menstruation, uterine fibroids, ovarian cysts and other gynecological diseases. The perfect combination of spectrum, titanium germanium and cosmic energy stones while adjusting body ratio towards perfect measurement, also make use of the principle of human body electrostatic and friction to mimic the natural frequency of healthy tissue, making it work on abnormal tissue cells to gradually move closer to normal frequency, stepping towards a healthy body and achieving the objective of disease prevention and healthcare.