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He & ME
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Canai He & Me Spectrum  佳莱频谱

6 high-tech materials 六大高科技材质

Spectrum Fiber

Comprehensive function broadband design, able to regulate body cells towards healthy frequency.

Titanium Gemanium Element

Semiconductor element to regulate the current of human biological disorder, relieves muscle aches and fatigue.
半导体元素,调节人体紊乱生物电流, 从而缓解肌肉酸痛和疲劳感。

Cosmic Energy Stones

Contains more than 70 kinds of trace elements with high-speed vibration frequency releasing cosmic energy, reducing cancer risk and aging process.

Cleancool Fabric

Anti-bacterial, deodorant, quick-drying, soft and fitting but non-adhering, keeps the skin feeling cool.

Elastic Yarn

Longitudinal cross-sections forms multi-points star-shaped structure, increasing the friction between the fiber and the body, burns and stabilises body fat.

Shape Memory Alloy

Unique alloy that "remembers" shapes and changes with body temperature; non-magnetic and harmless to the body, prevents spinal deformities and insomnia.

6 Exquisite process 六大精湛工艺

Silk Protein Soaking

Preserve the sheen, luster and silk-like comfort; increases fabric water absorbency & air permeability
蚕丝蛋白液浸泡处理令织物如真丝般滑爽舒适, 提高织物吸水性、散湿性、透气性。

Titanium Germanium Fabrics

Uses germanium spectrum fiber fabrics, aids in balancing blood pH levels and human biological current.
全部采用频谱纤维锗面料, 可调节血液酸碱度和人体生物电流。

228 Mounted Magnetic Mineral Energy

Releases high frequency resulting in physical energy, revitalizes aging body tissue cells.
228 能量矿磁镶嵌处理释放超高振频, 产生物理能量, 活化已经老化及萎缩的组织细胞。

Anti-fungal, deodorant, anti-mite

Prevent fungal growth, removes odor & prevents mite allergies.
防霉菌、除臭、抗螨加工处理可防治霉菌繁殖; 去除各种异味; 杜绝螨的危害。

Electrostatic Processing

Makes materials body fitting but non-adhering.

Fiber Softening With Milk Essence

Softens and smoothens materials; making materials longer lasting.
牛奶精华纤维软化处理可令材质更柔顺、温和; 久洗不易老化、变硬。

8 Leading Cutting-Edge Technologies 八大领先技术

  • Uses spectrum energy fiber
  • Innovative breakthrough for fashionable undergarment
  • Making body contouring undergarment part of lifestyle
  • Magnetic, nano-particles massage
  • Air permeability undergarment
  • Sericin, silk protein processing
  • Anti-fungal processing
  • Nano-silver processing
  • 采用频谱能量纤维
  • 完美现代时尚内衣构思
  • 将塑身内衣休闲化
  • 纳米活磁按摩粒子
  • 空气调雕塑内衣
  • 丝胶、蚕丝蛋白的处理
  • 防霉菌加工处理
  • 纳米银加工处理