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CANAI Spectrum Body Shape-up – Comfort, Health Beauty
佳莱频谱美体仪- 舒适健康的休闲型美体内衣

CANAI Spectrum Body Shape-Up is a product of innovative breakthrough using the latest spectrum technology. Presenting itself in the form of body shape-up undergarments, it focuses on comfort, health and ease of use and replaces the characteristics of traditional shape-up undergarments. It uses principles in medicine, esthetics, anatomy, kinesiology, mechanics and undergarment design and combined 6 high tech materials, 6 exquisite processes and 8 leading cutting edge technologies. All materials uses germanium spectrum fiber fabrics, 360 draping method, 14 specially positioned inlaid cosmic energy stones and with memory alloy inserted in the heart of spectrum analyzer, produces strong spectrum functions that aligns with the vibration frequency of human cells, thereby revitalizing body cells and renews its ability to detoxify and regenerate.

CANAI Spectrum Body Shape-Up simplifies spectrum treatments and therapies, and achieves its function in disease prevention and regulating Asian chronic disease. It also changes the undergarments that women wear for 365 days into a comfortable and healthy shape-up undergarments with health and beauty benefits.



An innovation in wearable healthcare and radiation protective textiles in the form of undergarment for men and women.